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Lauren Kidney 13 Regional Kukuna: Lauren just celebrated her 13th birthday and attends Angevine Middle School in Lafayette. Her favorite subject is Math, favorite animal is the Fox, and she’s an aspiring Engineer. In addition to being our athlete of the month, Lauren is an accomplished gymnast and violist. Lauren’s off court activity is inspiring to all.

On the court, Lauren is one of our Captains and leads her team by example. As our Libero, there is no ball she lets drop without diving for, or encouraging her teammates to go after. Her dedication to the sport of volleyball is far reaching and apparent every time she is on the court. Lauren also has memorized every position’s rotations so as to be ready to go in for anyone. This makes Lauren our nominee for Flatiron’s athlete of the month.

Alex Konczalski 13 National:  Alex is a great team player. She always comes to practice wanting to work hard and improve. At power 3 she had 10 aces, 13 kills (with a 43% hitting efficiency!!), and 1 block which was outstanding. Her performance was definitely a testament to her dedication to the team and practicing with intention. I love her fire on the court and the way she leads by example. She is a huge asset to the team and has so much potential to succeed!

Autumn Torrez 14 Elite: Autumn’s improvement in defense in particular is astounding. She is able to change her form with seemingly very little effort, and she works hard at practice with a determination that can only be powered with a personal desire for self growth. She looks like she belongs out there and has earned her spot on the court. I have never seen even a hint of a bad attitude from her and am very proud of Autumn’s progress so far.

Krystal Salaman 15 Regional Nahae Kai:  Krystal came into this season determined to improve and has always given 110% every time she has stepped on the court. She has been a true leader of our team and always has a positive attitude that carries our team, which is one of the many reasons she has been selected as our team captain. One of my first impressions of Krystal was during a team drill we did that involved us working as a team cooperatively. She took the lead and started instructing her teammates and suggesting ideas that would make them be more successful. It was one of those moments as a coach that you really value because I didn’t have to instruct someone to take the initiative, she just did it as a natural leader. She never gives up and sets the bar very high for herself and her teammates.

Lauren Closson 15 National Nalomeli:
Lauren has yet to miss a practice, she always cheers up the team when they are down, and shows a ton of leadership on and off the court. She is always willing to listen to criticism and work through it, and has improved her passing and hitting faster than most.

Grace Langlois 15 Elite: At 14 years old, Grace is an outstanding athlete and one of our captains. She works incredibly hard at practice, always giving 110%. Grace is always interested in getting better and learning more. At tournaments she does a great job of motivating her teammates, and excelling under pressure. Grace is a great role model for her teammates and they all look up to her. I can always count on Grace.

Jaelyn McClure 16 National Pukiki: Jae gives 110% on any given day. She is constantly working to improve her game and works hard to touch every ball. As a libero, she has developed as a leader on the team and received an overwhelming vote for Captain. When the 17’s team needs players for their Power tournaments, Jae never hesitates to volunteer and will play any position. Her smile is infectious and her positive attitude keeps the rest of the team motivated. Jaelyn is the epitome of what a Flatirons player should be.


12 ‘Ohana played like Rockstars at the RMR Power 6 Tournament! They played their best volleyball of the season and took 1st place. Well deserved pins for everyone! Way to finish the 2018 season on top!! 

14 Wikiwiki goes undefeated on Day 2 at the Far Western National Qualifier Tournament in Reno

15 Nui wins their flight at the Colorado Crossroads National Qualifier Tournament

Congratulations to pin winners 15 Nalomeli for a superb performance at the RMR Power 3 Tournament!

15 Nui wins 1st in pool at the RMR Power 3 Tournament!

Props to 14 Wailua for placing 1st in pool at Power 3!

15 Nui!! Way to take 1st in the RMR Showdown Bronze Division!

High Fives to 12 ‘Ohana team for taking 1st place in pool at the RMR Showdown!     

Congratulations to 14 National for kicking off the 2018 Season with a big first place win at Power 1!

14 Wailua takes a break at the Northeastern National Qualifier in Philadelphia

2018 Boot Camps

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Boot Camps were a great success and a fun time, thanks to the great players and the hard-working coaches


Anouk, Emily and Emma are rockin’ the new Flatirons warmup jackets!


17KauaPower 4



 17 Kaua swept their Power 4 Tournament earning pins and bringing
big smiles to coaches and parents.  Lights out, girls!



 13KilakilaCrossroads-214 WailuaCrossroads
13 Kilakila and 14 Wailua went undefeated on Day 3 winning their flights at the Colorado Crossroads National Qualifier Tournament.



16 Po’okela wins their flight at the Asics President’s Day Classic Tournament in Omaha




Special Congrats to 12 ‘Ohana for winning the Bronze division at the RMR Showdown!
 14 WekiuFlight4Showdown-215NahaeKaiFlight4Showdown-2
14 Wekiu and 15 Nahae Kai were Flight 4 Champs at the RMR Showdown!


13 Kilakila and 14 Wikiwiki both bring the pins home with Championship wins at Power 3!



At Power 3, 17 Kula took 1st in pool!


13 Kukuna celebrates a 1st place finish at Power 3! 



16 Elite dominates at Power 2: pins are the prize!







17 Kula – Took first at Power 2!



17 Kaua takes 1st in pool at Power 2!


16 Elite Po’okela went undefeated at the RMR Classic Tournament!




Thank you to all 2016 Summer Campers and Coaches!

2016 was a record year for Flatirons with 10 sets of pins and 5 1st in pool finishes!  There aren’t enough superlatives in the dictionary to accurately describe the pride and strong work ethic shown by all the 2016 players.  Way to show your passion!

A very strong finish for Flatirons with Power 6 Tournament wins by 17 Kaua, 15 Lokahi and 14 A’nokoa!  Way to go girls and coaches . . . your hard work paid in spades!

12 Kukuna and 15 Nahae Kai finished Power 5 Tournament in top place winning pins and garnering accolades from every direction.  We are so proud of these girls and their coaches!

Power 4 Tournament brought a Flatirons record with 15 Lanakila winning a second round of pins in a row for their undefeated day!  15 Lokahi also went undefeated winning their tournament and the prestigious pins.

Showing potent passion and focus in Power 3 . . . 14 A’nokoa, 15 Lanakila and 17 Kaua win their tournaments earning pins!

News-16 Po'okela 2016 was a spectacular season for 16 Po’okela placing 1st at Power 1, Power 3 and Power 4 Tournaments!


The 2015 season brought many rewards and incredible growth!
We are proud of all our players who gained an average of 3” on their vertical jump due to conditioning and training. In addition, 14 A’nokoa and 15 Nahae Kai were proud earners of tournament champion pins. Great job, girls!

14A’nokoa-40014 A’nokoa

15NahaeKai-sm40015 Nahae Kai