Practice Information & Schedules


Practice Schedules are posted on the Club Calendar

Teams practice between 4 – 6 hours a week.
In November and December, practices will be either Monday & Wednesday at Dawson
or Tuesday & Thursday at Eldorado or Dawson, depending upon your age/team.
Saturday practices are held at Eldorado K8.

Beginning in January, Elite and National teams will practice most Saturdays. Regional teams will practice on Saturdays preceding a Sunday tournament.
Flatirons teams typically do not practice over the holidays.

Please check the main Club Calendar section of this site for last minute updates to the practice schedule. This is where changes will be posted.

Practice schedules are determined by the following criteria:

  • Coaches Schedule
  • Gym availability
  • Age of team members: younger teams practice at earlier times on week nights

Practice shirts
The purpose of practice shirts is to provide a visual cue that the team is united in their goal to focus on the tasks of improving skills and learning strategies.
Players must wear Flatirons shirts to practice. Competition jerseys are not to be worn for practice.

When are practices cancelled?
Practices are rarely cancelled. The two most common reasons for canceling a practice are due to severe weather and the scheduling of a school program.

When the weather is bad, a decision to cancel or not will be made after 4:00 PM on the day of the practice. Criteria for canceling includes a combination of icy roads, poor visibility, high winds/blowing snow, single digit temperatures, an accumulation of snow (4″ – 6″) and a travel advisory issued by CDOT.

As soon as the decision to cancel has been made, it will be posted on the calendar section on this website. In addition, Parent Reps will be notified and they will then notify team members.

Schools have first right of refusal on their facilities. When a program is scheduled, Flatirons’ contract is canceled. Usually we have advance notice of this but occasionally there is a last minute need on the part of the school or the district.