The backbone of Flatirons Volleyball Club is the tremendous coaching staff. Many Flatirons Coaches are long term, dedicated folks who have a passion for volleyball. In addition to working full time jobs, these coaches give back by teaching junior girls the game of volleyball.

2023-2024 Coaches

18 Black: Coach Alyssa and Coach Kat and Coach Lena
17 Black: Coach Carey and Coach Sally
16 Black: Coach Taylor and Coach Billy
16 Gold: Coach Erika and Coach Maddie
15 Black: Coach Kerrilyn and Coach Laura
15 Gold: Coach Hannah and Coach Katie
14 Black: Coach Amanda and Coach Sydney
14 Silver: Coach Grace and Coach Kierstyn
13 Black: Coach Jessica and Coach Zane
• Trainer: Alea Wildman






SusanCancillaSusan Cancilla
Susan’s Bio

Kerrilyn Garde
Assistant Director
Kerrilyn’s Bio

Chris Warner
Coaching Coordinator
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Katrina Baer (Rossall)
Clinician and substitute coach
Katrina’s Bio

Amanda Block
Amanda’s Bio

Billy Early
Billy’s Bio

Shakthi Ganesh
Clinician and substitute coach
Shakthi’s Bio

Laura Gardner
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Taylor Haas
Taylor’s Bio

Kathryn “Katie” Hamilton

Zane John

Katherine (Kat) Kachel
Kat’s Bio

Sydney Lehman
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Lena Quilantang
Lena’s Bio

Alyssa Quimby
Alyssa’s Bio

Jessica Reiss
Jessica’s Bio

Sally Rivera
Sally’s Bio

Grace Seifert
Grace’s Bio

Hannah Topliss
Hannah’s Bio

Kierstyn Vejrostek
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Maddie Volland
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Erika West
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Alea Wildman

Carey Williams
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Board of Directors



Therese DeBenedette

Gaynelle Tuck
Vice President 

Renee Loewen

Greg Hand
At large 

Effie Stone
At large 

Nicole Ninemire
At large