1. What is the philosophy of Flatirons Volleyball Club?

We believe club volleyball enhances the life of girls. When girls play team sports,
they learn to:

  • Work with a group to accomplish a common goal
  • Identify their own goals and work towards them
  • Be patient with themselves and others
  • Continue pressing on when the going gets tough
  • Speak up for themselves: be assertive on and off the court
  • Accept instruction from the coach
  • Think clearly and quickly due to the enhanced mind/body connection
  • Establish relationships with teammates based on a healthy common interest
  • Respect a strong and healthy body image
  • Be a leader; they learn how and when to lead plus how and when to follow
3. Why is club volleyball so expensive?

It costs a considerable amount of money to run a quality club program. Our
biggest expenses are gym rental and coach stipends. Other expenses include
tournament entry fees, uniform/warm up/backpack costs, insurance, team
registration fees, equipment costs, administrative costs, website maintenance,
management costs, bookkeeping and billing expenses, marketing and
advertising costs and many more. Flatirons Volleyball Club is a registered nonprofit
organization (501c3).

4. When and where are practices?

Practices are held two – three times per week.

The length of each practice is usually 1.75 – 2 hours. An additional 30 minutes of volleyball specific conditioning is an important part of our training.

Practices for the younger teams are earlier in the evening. They typically begin at 6:00 PM while the older teams begin at 7:00 or 8:00 PM.

Practice sites are Alexander Dawson School, Eldorado K-8 School in Superior and Meadowlark PK8 School in Erie. The final practice schedule will be announced as soon as it is finalized.

The main factor for determining where teams will practice is the coach’s schedule and location.

5. Where are the tournaments?

Tournaments are held in the Denver Metro area, Colorado Springs, Fort Morgan,
Fort Collins, Loveland, Pueblo, Aurora, Arvada and other Colorado locations.
The Rocky Mountain Region Power Tournaments are on Sundays and begin at
8:00 AM and usually end around 4:00 PM.

6. How does Flatirons Volleyball Club choose coaches?

We look for people who have volleyball experience, like to work with kids, have a
desire to teach skills and possess personal integrity. People who have a passion
for volleyball, a cooperative attitude, want to give back to youth and have fun
personalities are a good fit with Flatirons.

7. How long has Flatirons Volleyball Club been in existence?

Flatirons Volleyball Club was founded in 1999 by LaRae Musselman and Susan
Cancilla. We are entering our 21th season of competitive volleyball.

8. Why do Flatirons teams have Hawaiian names?

Our first coach at Flatirons VBC was Robyn Read. She was the Assistant Coach of
the CU women’s volleyball team headed by Pi’i Aiu. At that time, due to Pi’i’s
heritage, a Hawaiian theme was part of CU Volleyball. Flatirons VBC was unofficially
linked with CU and hence, the Hawaiian team names.

9. Should my daughter tryout for a team?

If your daughter loves volleyball, is athletic, willing to work hard at practices and
wants to become a better person and player, and wants to meet longtime friends,
she should try out for a Flatirons team.

10. How hard is it to make a team?

We’re not going to tell you that it’s easy to make a team. Typically, the top
players from the surrounding area play club volleyball. We do have to cut players
(we hate it as much as you do). The number of girls who attend tryouts varies
from year to year with the largest numbers occurring at the 14/15 and under age division (8th graders and freshmen).

11. What if my daughter doesn’t make a team – what other options are there?

Check the Rocky Mountain Region USA Volleyball website to learn of other clubs
in the area. The website address is:
Click on Juniors then click on Players Needed or Clubs and Directors.
There are volleyball programs through the City of Boulder Parks and Recreation
Beach volleyball is offered by many clubs (Flatirons included) starting in May.
The Gold Crown Foundation offers a league for middle school girls. This league
begins in August and the teams are formed based on the high school the kids will be attending. Website: 
Click on Volleyball then Jr. High League.

12. How do I find out more?

Please check out our Parent and Player Handbook on the Parents page at for more information. The Calendar page shows the schedule for the season.

If you need help with a specific question, please call Club Director Susan Cancilla at
(303) 543-7605 or send an email to 
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and Twitter