Dr. Michael Rhoads
Department of Psychological Sciences
Metropolitan State University of Denver

My name is Michael Rhoads and I will be serving Flatirons this season as the mental skills coach. I am a professor of Psychology at Metropolitan State University (MSU) and I have a PhD in Educational Psychology. I have taught at the college level since 2007. Additionally, I have ten years of experience coaching indoor volleyball, and I have coached sand volleyball for three years. This year I have been working with the MSU Volleyball team as their mental skills coach.

I would like to briefly give you an overview of what the program will entail. A large majority of the program will focus on Psychological Skills Training, which is a systematic and consistent practice of mental or psychological skills for the purpose of enhancing performance or satisfaction (Weinberg & Gould, 2015). We will focus on psychological skills such as communication, visualization, self-talk, motivation, confidence, concentration, emotional control, and courage. In addition, the program will incorporate mindfulness, based on a program developed by Kaufman, Glass, & Pineau (2017).

Please contact me if you have any questions. I look forward to helping your athletes to enhance their mental game and perform at a higher level!

Michael Rhoads PhD
Department of Psychology Lecturer
Metropolitan State University of Denver