Why do Flatirons teams have Hawaiian names?

Our first coach at Flatirons VBC was Robyn Read. She was the Assistant Coach of the CU women’s volleyball team headed by Pi’i Aiu. At that time, due to Pi’i’s heritage, a Hawaiian theme was part of CU Volleyball. Flatirons VBC was unofficially linked with CU and hence, the Hawaiian team names.

17 Elite: Kula: (gold)
16 Elite: Pele (goddess)
16 National: Pukiki (strong, boisterous)
15 Elite: Nui (big, great, important)
15 National: Nalu (wave)
15 Regional: Nalani (from the heavens)
14 National: Wikiwiki (quick)
14 Regional: Wekiu: (top/summit)
13 National: Kilakila (majestic/tall/strong)